About us

Il Grande Colibrì is an activism project in favour of LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual) people. Its purpose is to bring out and tell how the other differences are important (ethnic, nationality, culture, religion, social, relationship, sexual, etc), which are connected with sexual orientation and gender identity.
We want to break the wall of silence and prejudice which hit who is not considered a part of the majority in the society. We want go over the stereotypical and superficial concept of the minorities, give a voice to who has ignored or hushed up. We want to combat all the form of prejudice (homophobia, transphobia, racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, sexophobia, stigmatization of poverty and illness, etc).

The people who take part in the project are very different to each other (some of us are bisexual or heterosexual, gay, lesbian or queer; we are african, asian and european; agnostic, atheist, christian, muslim; etc). We are united by the respect to all differences, and by the pleasure of sharing them to each other.

This blog provides news, insights and testimonies, and we guarantee a real work to give you correct and complete information, in full respect of all the people, avoiding sensationalisms and semplifications.
The purpose is to understand and make you understand those realities which appear distance, keep channel of comprehension and communication open, provides useful interpretative instruments for an efficient action in the service of eguality.
Through this blog, we develope a range of other activities: relationships with activists from all over the world, meetings about LGBTQI ritght in all the world, radio sections, campaigns against prejudice, collaborations with agencies for LGBT asylum seekers and migrants, etc.


Code of ethics

  1. We pledge to deliver the best possible information, given our skills and resources. Our main objective is based on the quality of what we do and not the quantity.
  2. We pledge to empower with useful tools as to comprehend reality and its complexity and to seize the opportunity to improve, without over-simplifying, exaggerating or bending events, data and opinions.
  3. We pledge to explain our values and objectives – which inevitably influence political choices about cultural opinion and fact analysis, but not about their description.
  4. We pledge to not run after visibility, readers and power. We rebuke sensationalism: we do not build scandals, we do not incite clashes, and we do not even try to appease you.
  5. We pledge to decline any attempt to influence our actions that lies outside the lines of our principles. We also pledge to listen and value any suggestion in line with our principles.
  6. We pledge to make any effort to verify the authenticity of the information given, and to demystify and deliberate any possible doubt about any of the reported news.
  7. We pledge to always indicate our sources and to add a link. When we will not follow such principle, we pledge to explain the reasons (e.g.: to block illicit advertising).
  8. We pledge to protect our direct sources by guaranteeing anonymity when necessary to their safety, and refusing to exercise or to receive pressure, in demand of their names.
  9. We pledge to request, to the other media, a correct and respectful use of information, and we will not keep silent because of convenience, similar ideologies or affability.
  10. We are fully conscious of not being infallible, therefore we are asking to advise for any mistake, inaccuracy or shortcoming. We will evaluate any suggestion and we will correct it, if needed.