Appeal to Norway for a gay Iraqi: Azad free!

“Azad” comes from Iraq and has been in a relationship with a Norwegian citizen since 2006, but the High Court of Oslo sentenced him to deportation (forced exile) which would mean for him not just separation from the man he loves, but serious risk to his personal freedom and physical safety. The Norwegian courts recognize the risks that Azad would face at home but denies him asylum, advising him to hide his homosexuality when he returns to Iraq, in complete violation of the Geneva Convention, which enshrines the rights of free self-expression. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration has suggested a revision of the decision to the Court and the Ministry of Justice has said he is willing to reassess the situation.

However, to give strength to the rights of Azad, EveryOne Group and various organizations in recent days have organized a network of pressure on the Norwegian authorities, including through national communications to the Embassies. “Il grande colibrì” suggests that readers send e-mails or messages to the Norwegian Embassies.

We propose, for convenience, a standard message that you can use to write to the Embassies, by endorsing it and sending it from your personal email to the address of your own Country Embassy (USA:; UK:; Australia:; for other countries: check the list). Of course if someone wants to write different words or a longer or more detailed text, they can do so freely. We propose this text only for those with little time or do not know how to refer to such an institution.

Your Excellency Ambassador of Norway,

I’m writing about the case of the Iraqi citizen “Azad”, who is in a relationship with the Norwegian citizen Odd Arne Henriksen, a case which i read about through the websites Il grande colibrì ( and Everyone Group ( I guess you’re aware about the risks that this man would face if Norway expels him, as the High Court has decided in its judgement: he will very likely be imprisoned and even tortured just for being gay.

The High Court had admitted the dangers that face Azad and suggested him to hide his homosexuality. This suggestion violates the principles of self-determination and individual freedom enshrined in the Geneva Convention. So I ask You to do everything in your power so that your country will reconsider the application for asylum by Azad, as ensured by the Ministry of Justice.

I’m sure You’ll forward this message to the main Authorities of Your Country and I trust in the humanity of the people and the Institutions of Norway to help to save Azad remain free from the jail (or even worse risks) he has to face due only to his sexual identity.


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