Homophobic states VS gay-friendly states: the map

28% of the world’s inhabitants live in a city or in an area where they believe gays and lesbians can live well: this is the result of the investigation of the US research institute Gallup  (gallup.com), that interviewed about 1,000 people in each of the 123 surveyed countries. Ilgrandecolibri.com created the above map, where the more the color purple is intense the more perceived homophobia is widespread and the more the color pink is intense the more the perception of a gay-friendly environment is widespread. As expected, Africa and Asia are large purple spots, while pink prevails in Western Europe and North America. The most gay-friendly countries are the Netherlands, followed by Iceland and Canada. The most homophobic countries are Senegal and Pakistan, but we should add to them a large number of the unexamined countries, which include, for example, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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  • As explained in our brief notes and in Gallup's research, the comparison was made not on recognized rights, but on social perception. This latter element is affected, positively or negatively, by a lot of other factors – such as a lesser or greater awareness about rights and discrimination. However, to know how the population perceive homophobia in its environment is a very important element to know.

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