Israel, a new center fights homophobia and racism

It honors Shira Banki the first centre opened in Israel devoted to legal matters related to hate and incitement to hatred via the internet against the LGBTQI (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transexuals, queers and intersexuals) community. Shira Banki, an Israeli sixteen years old girl, got stubbed during the 25th July’s Gay Pride by an orthodox jew named Yishai Schlissel, and died two days later at the hospital. Other 5 were wounded and the killer, in addition to paying a fee to the families, will serve 31 years in jail.

The center will open in the Radzyner Law School of Herzliya in cooperation with Berel Katznelson Fund. It will provide free legal advice and support to the victims of hatred and it’s committing to go pubblic with the problem of anti racism action. 
It will seek to raise students awareness, trying to show them the legal recurrences of commiting violence acts online.

Cyberspace is a place where racism and hate easily and all too often pour in against the LGBTQI community.
During the opening conference of the center in Tuesday, December 4th, they showed that there has been a 40% increase in complaints of incitement to violence on the net and that one woman every three minutes is sexually harassed online. The reported cases about incitement to hatred online against gays and lesbians have been 390 thousands. [The Jerusalem Post].


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